A new hat pattern from Lily – Kirkstone features an angular cable and has a slouchy look. It is knit in DK weight merino.


We’re looking for a few test-knitters if anyone would like a crack at it, but please only volunteer if you’re sure you’ll be able to complete it. ¬†Approxiamately 220m of yarn is required.


Named Kirkstone after the cosy inn we like to visit in Cumbria. It is here that the mountain rescue teams gather on Thursday evenings after they’ve completed their practice rescues and dog-training. Both Lily and Joel love to cuddle up to those dogs!

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41 Responses to “kirkstone”

  1. a lovely hat! I would love to test knit it for you!

  2. That’s lovely! I’d be very happy to test knit! I have plenty of yarn!

  3. 3 kelly-ann (on ravelry)

    I just love this hat…especially how the cables flow into the ribbing. Let me know if you need another test knitter :)

  4. 4 Kathi Jobson

    I can’t test knit it for you but I just wanted to tell you how beautiful that hat is, can’t wait for the pattern to come out.

    Happy 2011


  5. 5 Mags

    She’s a clever kid, that Lily. I’d love to testknit if you need another person!

  6. I would love to test knit. That hat is lovely. Lily is so talented.

  7. oohhhh so pretty! I love the dk weight and that its floppy, my favourite kind of beret.

  8. 8 Jackie

    Hi, I would love to test knit the hat. It is beautiful.

  9. Ooooh I feel so bad that I didn’t make it in time! If you need another test knitter, do let me know, I have some lovely DK yarn and I would love to knit this pattern!

  10. That is just gorgeous. I think it’s my favorite so far, actually. I’d love to test knit it, if you’re still looking for volunteers.

  11. This hat is so original and elegant, beautiful! I don’t know if you still need test-knitter, but I’d like to, in case.. :-)

  12. Lily’s work is just phenomenal! Looks like 2010 has been a wonderful year for her blossoming talent. Wishing you and your family another successful and happy 2011!

  13. 13 Sherry

    I love the hat! If I didn’t have 3 little ones running around, I would love to test knit it! Lily has some amazing talent.

  14. Hello! If you still need volunteers I’d be happy to! It’s a beautiful hat.

  15. It’s gorgeous .

  16. gorgeous hat! Congrats on another success, Lily!

  17. I would love to test knit it if you still need knitters:)

  18. Beautiful! Looks like you probably have enough help, but if you don’t, I’d love to give it a shot and have some lovely Sunday Knits Angelic burning a hole in my pocket… er, stash, that I could use.

  19. I would love to be a test knitter if you would have me. I could knit this up in the next week as I need a beautiful pressie for my sister’s birthday and she would love this! Lily does continue to amaze me with her designing!

  20. 20 sherral

    Very nice! Good job Lily!

  21. so nice, way to go Lily!

  22. 22 Milla from Russia

    The beret is perfect and very neatly knitted! The cables at the top are awesome! I guess Lily is a professionlal designer to be if not she already is! Way to go Lily! I would like to test knit it if you still need knitters and don’t mind a knitter from snowy Russia :) I’m Milamya on Ravelry.

  23. 23 Lindsay

    Beautiful hat! I would love to test knit if you are still in need!

  24. I love the flow of the cables. Beautiful design Lily. :)

  25. 25 Colleen

    It looks like you have many offers to test knit, but if you need one more, count me in!

  26. Beautiful – look forward to the pattern!

  27. If you still need someone, I am able to do it by next week end for sure and I have just the right yarn for it too :)

  28. A very pretty hat – that geometric cable pattern looks so decorative!

  29. I desperately need a hat for this cold weather and would love to be a test knitter. Besides the cardi I’m ignoring, I have nothing on the needles and the perfect green wool to use!

  30. That is such a beautiful hat – I love the elegant, restrained cables.

  31. 31 Dina

    I’m guessing you may have all of your test knitters – but if not, count me in! :)

  32. I love how you love your daughter. Sharing all her and all her creations with us. Your love and pride shine through! Here’s to many more knitting adventures in 2011. Blessings to you both.

  33. 33 TanyaJS

    That is a lovely hat – will be adding it to my queue (I assume you have all the test knitters you need).

  34. Beautiful work by Lily. It looks like you have a lot of offers for test knitter, but if you do need another let me know. :)

  35. That’s a fantastic hat, I love the textured patterning! Well done, Lily!!

  36. what a fabulous tam.
    Happy New Year to you all,amanda~

  37. That is a lovely hat. That geometric cable pattern looks so decorative!

  38. Another lovely design! Gorgeous hat!!
    Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!

  39. I’m looking forward to knitting up Lily’s latest design.
    The hat is gorgeous. Great job, Lily!!

  40. 40 Kim o

    Pick me ! Pick me ! Would love to be a test knitter for this . I can start immediately ! Love that beret !

  41. Gorgeous! Happy 2011 to you all xxx

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