Aside from a few tiny patches of white we are fully thawed in Lancashire now. I’m quite sad really – it was so pretty over Christmas. We’re trying to get caught up with things here at the moment. Me with a ton of housework and ironing, Lily writing up her patterns and Joel has vital Xbox stuff to do. :) Dave has gone back to work for a few days so things feel a little more ‘normal’. I am fighting the urge to take down the tree and decorations.

See my cute hot water bottle cover up there. That was Lily’s secret knitting in the lead up to Christmas. How she managed to design/knit this without me knowing I’ll never know but I’m glad she did. I snuggled it all Christmas day!

I’m really hoping that I’ll have at least one FO before going back to work next week. Even if it’s just the pair of socks that have been on the needles for….oh too too long! I’ve still got a Langdale on the go which has got to be finished before Lily can move on with the pattern. I need to get a move on don’t I. Someone give me a push! :D

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15 Responses to “warmer”

  1. Oooh I would love to have one of those to snuggle with! Whenever I’m out of the house in the winter, I end up saying something like “I can’t wait to get home and hug the radiator”, which people find to be a funny thing to say. Perhaps they’d laugh less if I said I was going off to hug my hot water bottle with a lovely knitted cover! ; )

  2. BIG PUSSSHHHHHHH, did it work ? I’m fighting the urge for the decorations to be taken down too , strange as I normally leave them up as long as possible.

  3. pushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m patiently waiting to knit Langdale push push push!
    Beautiful hot water bottle cover, I could do with one of those. 2 nights ago we lost power at 6 in the evening and didn’t get it back till 4 the next morning. I hot water bottle would have been just the ticket\.

  4. It’s really pretty, although hot water bottles always remind me of “The World According to Garp”. :)

    Coming back to that York thing – I’d love to meet you when I’m there, it would be great! I’d get in touch as soon as I learn my way around.

  5. 5 kelly-ann (on ravelry)

    I want to take down the decorations also, but the kids have friends coming over tomorrow. I am afraid the kids/moms will think I am a total scrooge!

  6. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift from Lily! Happy New Year!

  7. Happy holidays to all of you! Looking forward to some more designs by Lily.

  8. What a beautiful hot water bottle cover! It must be nice having a daughter who knits such beautiful things for you. I hope when my daughter gets older that she likes knitting like I do! Cant wait to see some of Lily’s patterns written up and your next FO too.

  9. What a beautiful gift! I love the design down the middle. That’s very sweet. Our holiday decorations were taken down yesterday :(
    Power to you on your next FO!

  10. isn’t she starting to look a bit older in your flickr pics? What a lovely and thoughtful gift. i only managed one knitted gift this year, but it was a total surprise, which made me quite happy.

  11. Gorgeous gift from Lily! Lucky you! There’s something very cosy and comforting about a hot water bottle, but to have one knitted especially for you makes it super-special. I’ve been ruthless with some of my longstanding projects – they’ve been frogged! Wishing you all a happy new year! Looking forward to seeing more of Lily’s creativity next year.

  12. Now that’s a great gift!
    Happy New Year!

  13. 13 Abigail

    It looks beautiful! What a talented young lady!

  14. I don’t like boxing up decorations and dealing with taking down the lights, so they stay up for as long as I can push it! Love that hot water bottle cozy, it looks amazingly cushy!

  15. oh, lily! you are amazing.
    i hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas…
    and i wish you ALL the best for 2011.

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