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As a result of a totally by chance meeting in the summer, Lily’s Wray design has featured in the latest issue of The Knitter.

Back in August we attended a Herdy knitalong day at Grasmere in the Lake District. Lily was wearing her Wray cardigan and lots of knitters were stopping to compliment her on it – one of them turned out to be Juliet Bernard, who just happens to be the editor of The Knitter magazine.  Just imagine how excited Lily was when Juliet asked her if she could feature the pattern.  It was like having a child with an intra-venous E-number line that weekend.


From then on, things moved pretty quickly.   The original idea was for the pattern to be featured in the Feb 2011 issue but before we knew it,  the Wray design was to be given it’s own special supplement in the Christmas Collection which hit the shelves on Monday.  Seriously,  Monday evening was pretty exciting.  Dave had managed to get hold of a copy in Cheshire earlier in the day so we both pounced on him as he opened the door!

I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at The Knitter for making this process so enjoyable for Lily and the rest of our family. I’m sure that dealing with someone so young can seem like a minefield at times but they have been absolutely marvellous throughout. I warned Juliet and Jen very early on that Lily would be ever so slightly possessive over this pattern and they totally respected that and involved her every step of the way. Juliet has even managed to knit her own Wray too!

Whilst we’re talking about about Wray knitters, we really need to thank our fantastic Tech Editor and test-knitters – Joeli, Polly, Daniela, Kelly, Wendy, Erin, Sue, Denise, Edie, and Glenda. I’m absolutely sure that this turned into a much bigger job than everyone had anticipated but I’m so glad they stuck with us. Sorry about those 400+ st rows girls!

Hopefully the next few weeks will see more examples of Wray popping up on Ravelry. Lily is now working on a few more designs and can’t wait to work with The Knitter again. Kelly kindly set up a Ravelry group for fans of LK designs and I should think Lily will be setting up a KAL for Wray pretty soon so pop over and join us!

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55 Responses to “in print”

  1. Congratulations, Lily. I am so excited and happy for you. This is such a well-deserved honor.

  2. wooo hooo congrats Lily! It all looks so lovely in print! I’m glad they went with your mum’s pics!

  3. 3 Laine

    Oh my, that IS big news! Congratulations Lily, and Amanda, you must be so incredibly proud. Off to look at all the links, with a big grin on my face.

  4. That is so exciting! Congratulations Lily!!!!

  5. 5 Sue

    That is seriously impressive!

  6. Congratulations to Lily! It is very much deserved. I am a great admirer of her designs!

  7. Totally deserved! Congratulations Lily! This is the stuff dreams are made of!

  8. 8 seashoreknits

    What utterly fantastic news!!
    Please tell Lily we are so proud!! She must be over the moon about this -I can’t even imagine.
    This is so well deserved – congratulations!!


  9. Congratulations to Lily, how wonderful and exciting all at the same time. She will be the next Jared Flood I’m sure. I love The Knitter too and try and buy every issue so I will have to keep a lookout for that issue. Off to go join the rav group now.

  10. Wonderful news, congrats!!! Enjoy the excitement! : )

  11. I was so pleased for Lily when I saw her pattern in my copy of The Knitter. She has a bright future ahead of her! I’m thoroughly enjoying knitting McCafferty, and hope to get it finished this weekend.

  12. That is so wonderful! Congratulations Lily! You are very deserving of this recognition.

  13. Fantastic!! Huge congratulations, so deserving!

  14. 14 carol

    Please tell Lily Wow and Congratulations! You must be so very proud, Amanda. This is just the tip of the iceberg! = )

  15. What a success! Congratulations to Lily (and supportive family) for this amazing achievement. I look forward to seeing her pattern in The Knitter which will arrive to me, here in Canada, later this month.

  16. Wow, what a coup for someone as young as Lily!! This is absolutely wonderful news!!! Super super exciting! Congrats Lily, you so deserve it!!! :)

  17. 17 Abigail

    That IS wonderful news! Congratulations!!! Now I just have to find a Canadian bookseller that carries the magazine.

  18. 18 felicity

    Wow, awsome! Congratulations. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to see the magazine. No knitting magazines in Poland:/ But this is great. The wray is fantastic so it is great that it was rewarded in such a way:)

  19. The Knitter is such a classy magazine, but even so they are the lucky ones to have such a talented young person as Lily on their pages.
    Bask in the glory you two!

  20. 20 sarah

    how exciting! congratulations! xx

  21. How wonderful. Very very well done!

  22. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Absolutely THRILLING! I am happy for all of you!

  23. Congratulations, what a thrilling moment for your family!!!! This is so FANTASTIC and it’s just the beginning!! Well deserved Lily, woo woot!

  24. Congratulations Lily! That is amazing! Can’t wait to find a copy.

  25. Oh my , well done Lily … off now to check out the Ravelry group ..

  26. Wow! You must be really proud. It’s great that the pattern came out before the holidays ended. That’s really cool that she has a Ravelry group dedicated to her patterns also. When that happens…you’ve made it! ;

  27. How fab is that – congratulations to Lily

  28. 28 Emily


  29. 29 Grace

    Congrats, Lilly!! What an accomplishment for any knitter but even more remarkable for a young lady of 13. You are an inspiration!

  30. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing more and more beautiful designs.

  31. 31 kelly-ann (on ravelry)

    How impressive and exciting – you deserve it Lily! Congrats and can’t wait to what you do in the future :)

  32. Wow! This is great news. congratulations Lily!

  33. Awesome news, so happy for Lily. I’ve never bought the Knitter over here but I’ll be sure to get this one :)

  34. 34 pendlestitches

    I’m seriously thrilled for Lily and this fantastic news. CONGRATULATIONS. :-)

  35. Wow, Lily! Such a wonderful achievement…congratulations =D

  36. Wow, congratulations Lily!

  37. Congrats to Lily!

  38. Absolutely fantastic news. Well worth the wait. I always say things happen for a reason.
    I can’t even begin to imagine how proud you all are of Lily and her amazing accomplishment!

  39. wow!!! congratulations!!!

  40. 40 Marta

    Lily, you’re published!!! That’s fantastic news! Congratulations, and enjoy the moment!

  41. Lilly
    Woo Hoo!
    A Published Knitter!
    And in such a lovely mag.
    You are a STAR!
    A STAR!
    Well done you.

  42. that is fabulous Amanda…congrats to Lily and you!!

  43. Congrats on all of your success, Lily! You should be very proud :)

  44. OMG OMG OMG!!!! How utterly amazingly impressive. This is like a super model making her debut on the cover of the Vogue Mag. So thrilled for Lily and her Mum. It has been a pleasure watching Lily’s success!

  45. 45 Daniela

    wow! Gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!!

  46. congratulations to Lily! Honestly, is anyone surprised? no, Lily is destined for greatness when it comes to her creativity. :-)

  47. 47 Sally

    I’m so excited for all of you. Congratulations Lily. You are amazing.
    What an accomplishment… not only writing wonderful patterns for beautiful garments you have designed but being recognized in the field. Keep enjoying your knitting and thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

  48. 48 TanyaJS

    Wow! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see more, and have joined the LK group.

  49. Well done Lily! What an achievement, you truly are a talented young lady.

  50. I’m going to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee like a little girl. I’ve been saying that Lily was going to be the next Ysolda (young, hip, British… you could probably find some other designers to sub in here). And now I’m going to say it here. Seriously. And, I always refrain from buying The Knitter here because it’s $12 and never goes on discount. But I’m buying this one. Because I “know” the designer.

    Congrats Lily. I’m proud of you (which doesn’t make sense, but whatever). I have a feeling it will be one of many feature patterns.

  51. Wow that is so amazing!! Congratulations to Lily.

  52. Hello Lily
    Just bought Knitter here in Australia, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

    You should be soooo proud.
    It is bloody fantastic! (I’m allowed to say that because I’m Australian and it is the great Australian adjective and it holds a great deal of weight). “Bloody” fantastic is much much better than just plain old “fantastic.

    I sort of feel proud of you myself. Now that’s a bit silly of course as I don’t know you at all except through this little window called the blog but I found myself ranting and raving to my husband all about you and how clever you are and there you are in the magazine with your own special lift out and everything.

    Enjoy it girl.

    A big fan.

  53. Hello
    I liked very much of your work.
    They are beautiful.

  54. Congratulations to Lily !

  55. 55 loosepurls

    That is so unbelievably cool!!! Congratulations, Lily!!

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