Pattern: Austin by Connie Chang Chinchio

Yarn: Araucania Ranco

Needles: 4mm

Modifications: None.


Well didn’t this little number loiter for a while!  No excuses – just kept putting off that last sleeve.  I love the end product and I’m very happy with the fit but oh my word – I  do not like knitting fine yarn at a loose gauge.  Alternating the skeins was pretty tedious too.  


With my less than perfect ‘picking up’ skills I’m not sure this method of knitting sleeves is ever going to be perfect for me, and if I were to knit this again I’d probably knit the sleeves flat as this was definitely the least enjoyable part of the knitting.  The loose gauge meant my DPNs kept falling out and it was driving me to distraction having the weight of the whole garment hanging of the needles at the end.


Knitting issues aside, this is probably the most wearable item I’ve knitted to date.  It’s a great pattern and is perfect if you’re averse to seaming.  If I could just persuade Lily to knit me one in palest pink now!

btw…going to keep you waiting just a few more days for our news but stay tuned.  At least I’ve got internet access now so regular posting should resume!

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30 Responses to “austin…finally”

  1. you can’t beat a good hoodie and such a lovely colour too – nice to see you back :-)

  2. What a gorgeous little number Amanda!! Can’t wait to hear your news!! :)

  3. ooooh, I think the things that drove you batty would drive me bonkers too and that’s such a shame because I love this sweater. It looks fabulous on you and the color is so wearable. So great to see you beautiful smile. I’m adding it to my queque for when I’m feeling brave! Thanks for sharing.

  4. 4 Tina J.

    The sweater is gorgeous! Love the different strip of stitching at the breast! (did that make sense?) And it’s awesome to see pictures of you. I’ve missed you!

    Tina J.

  5. You may have procrastinated on the knitting but I’d say you got it done with perfect timing. A beautiful Autumn piece!

  6. Wow…it’s beautiful! Definitely worth the tedium of switching skeins and knitting fine yarn at a loose gauge! I hadn’t looked closely at this knit before; now thinking I should after seeing yours.

  7. Hi Amanda,
    can I just use this post to congratulate Lily on her magazine success? I just got the Knitter in the post today and imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope… Well done to her and wish her all the best for the future!
    Zuzana x

  8. 8 peacefulknitter

    Beautiful knit–well done!

  9. That hoodie looks great on you!!!! I have a store bought sweater in a very fine gauge that I live in – but I would never have the patience to knit one – HA! Enjoy :)

    P.S> So piqued to hear your news :)

  10. It’s gorgeous. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  11. The sweater is beautiful! Can’t wait to hear the news, glad you’re back to posting!

  12. well,hello you ;)
    and that sweater is gorgeous,amanda!!

  13. 13 Lila

    Gosh it’s beautiful.

  14. Nice to see you back blogging again Amanda. The hoodie is just gorgeous and suits you perfectly. I am sure Lily wont mind knitting you one in pink. Cant wait to hear your exciting news too.

  15. Absolutely LOVE your knit!! It looks fantastic and so wearable.

    If I could persuade Lily to knit my one in pink I’d be game too! ;) Just might be tempted to tackle this one myself, even with the small guage.

  16. Love your yarn choice! It looks stellar. Lilly could knit one up for me too if she’d like, lol!

  17. Really really nice cardi! Bravo!

  18. Beautiful knit! And such a lovely color, too. Glad you’re back online!

  19. It looks wonderful – you might have had issues with the sleeve, but it doesn’t look that way. I took three passes at picking up the stitches around the neck on a Spud & Chloe KAL and although I’m happy with it now (and it was hardly complicated), I have to admit that when I read “pick up ‘x’ stitches around the neck/armhole/hem whatever’, my heart does sink slightly. Looking forward to your news.

  20. 20 iknitipurl

    looks great!

  21. I love it! The color is great, but I can understand you wanting pale pink as well.

  22. Absolutely fantastic! That colors looks divine on you. Hmm…could Lily look any more like you? :) I am glad you finished the Austin it really is beautiful as is the knitter.
    Still waiting on the edge of my seat for you news…

  23. Good to see you again, it’s been quite a while since you’ve last posted any photos of yourself! :) The sweater looks pretty, a pink one would be even better (I don’t like blue).

  24. Well finally, I thought you’d fallen off the face of the earth!!!! This looks a great top but I don’t think I’d fancy the thin yarn either. Looks so good on you though. Can’t wait to hear your news :)

  25. That looks like the comfiest hoodie for autumn! So lovely to see your face on the blog:) Holding my breath for the big news, oooh I know this is going to be good!!

  26. It does look fantastic, so well done for persevering! Looking forward to hearing your news (although I think I’ve guessed what it might be!)

  27. 27 pendlestitches

    Glad you’re back. This is a fabulous hoodie and you look amazing in it.

  28. Oh very pretty — your Austin and you!

  29. Beautiful sweater! I agree, it’s so hard to finish a fingering weight sweater!

  30. So pretty! And congrats to Lily!!

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