be right back


….when we get a decent internet connection.  Things have been pretty busy over the last few weeks as we have moved house.  Hoping that we’ll have net access by around the 2oth when I’ll be back with some exciting news!  :)

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14 Responses to “be right back”

  1. 1 Abigail

    Hope it has something to do with a new pattern from your very talented daughter. I’ve been reading wainwright’s guides – does that provide a clue to what I’m hankering after?

  2. Can’t wait, hope everything went smoothly for you during the move!

  3. Hope you’re settling into your new house. Can’t wait to hear your big news!

  4. Good luck settling into your new place! I’m looking forward to hearing what you and Lily are up to!!

  5. 5 kv

    good luck with the move….you will be missed at rhinebeck again….

  6. 6 Fiona

    Have missed you, so glad to know you’ll be back soon. Hope all went well with the move.

  7. Glad you guys checked in like good girls! lol. good luck with getting everything in its place.

  8. Hope your move is going well. Excited about your news!

  9. 9 carol

    No wonder you haven’t had time to post! Hope your move went well. Looking forward to hearing about your exciting news!

  10. Moved houses! Can’t wait for the news.

  11. How exciting to have moved house! I hope the net connection is up and running as you expect. Exciting news??? What can it be??

  12. Hope you are enjoying your new space and that the move went smooth. That’s way too much suspense about the exciting news!!!!

  13. It’s good to hear that things are going well with your move. I’m looking forward to exciting news!

  14. always ready for news,Amanda.
    hope you get connected soon~

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