Named for Gemma who gave me this gorgeous hand spun yarn for my birthday last year, McCafferty is Lily’s second shawl pattern. It was designed whilst we were in Ireland and I finished knitting the sample last week in Silverdale. I have picked up this yarn so many times and just hadn’t been able to find the perfect pattern to do it justice. It has fantastic colour gradients from oatmeal through grey to vibrant gold shades. I am oh so pleased with how it turned out.


The main body of the shawl is garter stitch with a perpendicularly knit border. I found it a quick and easy knit and thought it was just perfect to show off the yarn’s subtle colour changes.


We’ll be looking for a couple of test-knitters for McCafferty but would really want quite a quick completion – early September if possible. If you would like to give it a go then do leave us a comment.  :)


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49 Responses to “McCafferty”

  1. 1 Rachel Chadwick

    I love this pattern. I would be interested in testing it out.

  2. 2 jody

    Would be very interested in test knitting this gorgeous new design!

  3. I would be interested! I would have to see if I have the right yarn though :)

  4. 4 carol

    beautiful, lovely. School is back in session and no knitting in a timely manner. Oh how I wish!
    Once again, Lily’s design, your knitting, and photos wow me.

  5. Vey nice work!

  6. Beautiful beautiful! Another great design.
    Love that last picture!

  7. Beautiful pattern and photos. Well done! I’d love to be a test knitter, but am in the middle of a move and fear I would not be able to finish by early September.

  8. Loooove it! Wish I could test knit for her, but it would probably be a year before I finished it, lol!

  9. 9 sue

    The shawl is gorgeous. Another fabulous design by the clever Miss Lily! I adore the way the yarn changes color too.

  10. Commenting Commenting Commenting !!! I love it ! :)

  11. Very pretty shawl and it looks lovely in this yarn :)

  12. Very pretty… I’d love to test knit this, as well, if you need another person.

  13. 13 Janet

    ah… it seems you probably have enough people now (damn!) but just wanted to say it’s beautiful! Love the changes…. I have some neutral kauni hanging round that was previously unplacable for a project – I think it’s just told me it wants to be this when it grows up….

  14. This shawl is so beautiful and the yarn is perfect! Well done!!!

  15. 15 TanyaJS

    Lovely design. If you need anymore test knitters, I’m available and willing

  16. Beautiful! I would love to be a test knitter! I have experience with lace knitting. You can find projects I’ve done on Ravelry (I’m Weedwacker).

  17. I love it! It’s so flowy and light…

  18. If you still need a test knitter, I’d be interested. It is a beautiful pattern.

  19. That is just gorgeous! And what beautiful colors (and light…such lovely photographs!)

  20. I would love to test knit this for you I have the perfect handspun yarn in mind! I am punkypurls on ravelry if you want to see my knitting. It is a lovely shawl beautiful yarn and work.

  21. Love it! If you still need a testknitter, let me know :)

  22. 22 jane

    Gorgeous :o)

  23. The colours are gorgeous, and they go very well with Lily’s hair colour I think. A very pretty shawl – well done!

  24. So charming …

  25. 25 Kim O

    Oh I love it ! Please pick me as a test knitter – waving needles high in the air ! Love that border !

  26. Gorgeous! You seem to have lots of offers for test knitters already, but if you still need one, I’d love to give it a go :)

  27. beautiful shawl…I adore the large edging of lace on the outside…so striking and bold. The yarn is perfect for this piece. Wish I were fast enough to be a test knitter…alas, I would not be your best pick, unless you were meaning September of 2011.

  28. So pretty! What a talent. If you need another test knitter, please let me know. I’ve been knitting shawlettes like the wind lately! Looks like you have plenty of volunteers, though. :-)

  29. Gorgeous knit and photos! Really a winner!!

  30. I would love to test knit! But I guess you already have enough hands to help. Sigh! Such a gorgeous shawl.

  31. how beautiful!! your work is stunning! and I’m with you…the yarn is absolutely beautiful and perfect for this project. enjoy it!

  32. I guess you have to be quick to test knit patterns for the “hottest new designer!” :) Let me know, but I’d be interested. I’ve not got a ton of experience with shawls. Gorgeous yarn too.

  33. Another beauty! Love the shifting colors and the simplicity of the design to showcase the yarn. Beautiful, well done Lily!!

  34. This is just gorgeous and your photos as always are beautiful. Lily is a great model. I would love to test knit it but early September is waaaaay too soon, I don’t have the yarn and it would take me until then to find it I’m sure. If you’d said end of Oct I would have been all over it. It’s definitely going in my queue though ;-)

  35. Beautiful!!!!
    I guess you have all the testknitters you need by now ;)
    But I’d love to testknit it if you need more knitters.

  36. Oh, it’s absolutely lovely!!!!! I’ve been searching for some handspun for a shawl ~ and this shawl reminds me why – LOL

    I would dearly love to test knit this shawl, but I have a 3 week trial beginning August 19th and so can’t commit to anything right now….. and I see you have many many volunteers ahead of me :)))

    Congratulations Lily on another beautiful design!

  37. That Lily is one clever lady!!!

    It’s always such a thrill to see what people make with yarn I’ve spun or dyed, especially when it’s something as stunning as this, and to have the pattern named for me makes it eleventy billion more times special :D Thankyou xxx

    We still miss you at knitting!!!

  38. 38 ambermoggie

    fabulous and I love shawls so wouldbe very pleased to test knit this, you can check out some of the stuff I’ve done on rav

  39. What a pretty blend of yarn and pattern! I can’t test knit, but I’ll wait anxiously for the pattern’s release. :-)

  40. I would love to test knit that shawl. It is very pretty and so is the yarn.

  41. A beautiful shawl – and a photo shoot to do it justice

  42. So beautiful. Like a dream. A beautiful daydream.
    I love it ^_^

  43. Absolutely stunning (as always!) the pictures are fab x x

  44. Beautiful! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog the past few months and catching up on some of the archives. You and Lily are very talented knitters and I love seeing the projects you both create.

  45. If you need another test knitter give a shout!

  46. spectacular, lily!!!

  47. Another beautiful design from Lily. The pattern matches the yarn perfectly.

  48. 48 Fiona

    I have just come across your blog via a link from somewhere else. i expect you have enough test knitters and have probably finished testing it, but if not i would love to help. McCafferty is my maiden name, so I shall have to knit it!!

  49. 49 KimN

    I would love o try knitting this pattern…lovely
    My 12 year old daughter says she would love to try as well!

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