Plain old stocking stitch is just so soothing.  I haven’t decided what my next real project is going to be so in the meantime I’m using up some wacky coloured Kureyon sock to make a simple yet effective shawl.  Can’t imagine when I’ll ever have the occasion to wear such a riot of colour (short of a stint presenting kid’s TV!), but somehow it’s addictive anyway.

Lily is the serious knitter round here at the moment.  Whilst I’m pratting about with sock yarn she’s started a Drops cardigan.  She’s using Araucania Azapa which is the softest yarn ever.   I’d show you her progress but it’s a difficult colour and I’ve had zero success trying to photograph it this morning – not with any degree of accuracy anyway.  I’ll have another go later maybe.

Now I need to get on over to Ravelry and get my head round a real project!

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30 Responses to “simple”

  1. I agree that so much colour might be hard to wear; yet, I think the answer to when you can where the shawl actually lies in your photo: see how you’ve framed it against soft, neutral colours? So, it would probably look lovely on a cool summer night with a plain white dress or something similar.

  2. 3 gimpykatk

    It sure is a beautiful rainbow of colors

  3. I’ve gotten hung up on the lace, but I’ve always been a lover of just plain old stockinette stitch. Its like the comfort food of knitting. Clever use of the sock yarn. Its good to knit something “outside of the box” (in terms of color), you never know where it will take you.

    Lily has chosen another adorable sweater. Wow…she leaves us all eating the dust! Its wonderful to watch her knitting life blossom : )

  4. I do alo0t of stocking stitch. its very soothing and you dont have to think!!

    I like those colours i bet you find lost of time to wear it. I love the kacket Lilly is knitting very stylish

  5. 6 Tina J.

    I love all the vibrant colors!!! Looks energetic and fun. I bet it will look great with denim!!

  6. Suuuuper colours . If you don’t want to wear it, I will ,it will go with my boot s :0))))))

  7. 8 Daniela

    I agree with Tina J. I think that it is an “hippie style” shawl, right choice with a pair of jeans!!

  8. Oooh can’t wait to see Lily’s cardy. I’m trying hard to finish my ‘Woodland’ all of a sudden I have the urge to pick it up (like every hour!) only got 2 sleeves to go :-)

  9. That’s a fantastic yarn. It has so many colors going on it will match positively everything in your wardrobe ;) Not to worry about occasions to wear it.

    Can’t wait to Lily’s cardi!

  10. I’m all about the simple right now. :) Lily has picked such a pretty cardigan – I can’t wait to see her finish it!

  11. 12 asti

    Love the SYE. I too made one in quite contrasty colours…love it though, great for snuggling up in front of the telly. You made yours about 20 times quicker than I managed though ;)
    GO Lily with the cardy…is there no stopping her ! Can’t wait to see it

  12. ahhh. mindless knitting. and in a bright color. even better.

    lily is so amazing, amanda. honestly.
    i can’t wait to see her drops cardi.
    i have always wanted to knit that!!

  13. 14 Brenda

    Very bright, cheerful colors. When it’s a cold, wet winter day, such a shawl can really brighten and warm up the day and the wearer.

    Looking forward to seeing Lily’s drops cardi!

  14. 15 Mary

    Sometimes it’s fun to knit in bright colors. I love how it is coming out!

  15. I find the stockinette stitch soothing too, just knit, knit, knit. And rummaging around Ravelry will definitely bring your mojo back.

  16. I think that knitting is a journey and you should enjoy the trip…the bright colors are so fun…even if you won’t wear it much, if you’re having fun knitting it then – knit on! I like the bright colors! Can’t wait to see Lily’s sweater…I’m so amazed by her skills!

  17. 18 iknitipurl

    Love the vibrant colors!

  18. i am knitting the same shawl, not as bright! here’s hoping it turns out good!

  19. Mmmm, I’m sure those crazy colours will be great with a summer dress. Good luck with finding a serious project – you could give the Selbu a try, if you haven’t had enough of colour. :) Not that it is very serious…

  20. Love that pattern and that yarn! Maybe the colors will be good to wear on a gray winter/spring day, like the one we’re having today:)

  21. 22 sue

    Ooh I love those bright colors. You can always wear it over black on a dreary day and brighten up your wardrobe. I love the pattern Lily has chosen, it seems she is one serious young knitter.

  22. mmm, love those colors.
    i’ve got to get my hands on some noro…

  23. I love those bright colours – would probably look great with a simple pair of jeans or black pants. It’s never a bad time for some mindless knitting, so relaxing not to have to worry about yo’s, psso’s and k2tog’s! Look forward to seeing Lily’s cardi.

  24. Some days wearing a riot of knit colour with a neutral solid ccloured outfit and maybe a jean jacket is very chic and fun. I love your shawl! I’m looking forward to starting some soothing simple stitch knitting too.
    Lily ~ I can’t wait to see your Drops Cardi progress!

  25. I love your SYE, so colorful. I am thinking of making a colorful one myself – and I am also thinking about making one for my mom. The shawl is such a fun knit. I loved every minute of the process.

  26. oh,I can just feel it…I am going to want one of these…beautiful!

  27. I nominated you for the Sisterhood award. You can pop by my blog to pick up the logo and see why. Cheers!

  28. 29 sam

    Oooh pretty. Need to see FO pics of this.

  29. Sometimes it is just very nice to knit a simple project. It looks lovely already.

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