Pattern: Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky

Yarn:  Tweed aran in Aqua marine from Yarns 4 Ewe In Carlisle, Cumbria.

Needles: 4mm and 5mm

Modifications: None

There’s really nothing I can say about this pattern that hasn’t already been said a thousand times already. It’s a classic and totally pain-free knit – if you discount the scratchy yarn that is.  I can’t say I’d like to be wearing this next to my skin, but over a T-shirt I think it’ll be the perfect jacket for Lily to wear whilst riding when if the weather warms up.

Now that this is finished I can have a guilt-free casting on fest.   I’ve done the back of Ginny but shock , horror – I’m going to rip it back.   There’s absolutely nothing at all wrong with it but I vowed that 2009 would be the year that I knit items that would be more wearable and Ginny just doesn’t work with this.   I love the design but it’s quite a formal shape and I’m just not sure I’ll get the wear out of it.   I’ve been thinking that Olivia would see a lot more use and is probably a bit more ‘me’.

I’ve also decided to jump on the owlish bandwagon that is storming through the knitting world at the moment and I’ve bought some Alafoss Lopi to have a crack at this pattern.  From the look of it, it’s a quick knit as they’ve been popping up on Ravelry all week.  I should think that’ll be the last winter knit for me as the new Rowan mag will be available soon.  Before you know it i’ll be swooning over 4-ply cotton again!

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30 Responses to “CPH”

  1. The CPH looks great on Lily (although what doesn’t!). I’ve been thinking of casting on for one for myself but, like you, I think I will soon be thinking about less wintery knits…

    The Olivia looks like a great choice for you.

  2. CPH turned out great. It’s the kind of thing you’d usually wear with something underneath so hopefully the yarn will be tolerable.
    Shame about Ginny. I rather like the look of it.
    I wish I could cast on for something yummy for me, but I have to finish Soleil and Woodland cardi before I do – I vowed I would!

  3. It’s Bew-T-Ful!!!! So nicely done and looks fantastic on Lily :) OK. Now I am inspired to go back to my CRJ – LOL

    The owl craze is too cute. I may just have to hoot it up with you guys!

  4. 4 Tina J.

    I can’t believe you’re done already! It looks perfect! Does Lily like it? It looks really beautiful on her. I going to a knitting retreat the weekend of Feb 6,7, and 8th. I may just take the stuff to start my CPH. I could put a big dent in it, working on it for an entire weekend!

    I love the owl sweater too! Will that be for you or Lily?

  5. Your CPH is stunning on Lily!!! I love the colour. She’ll get a lot of wear out of it.
    The Owl sweater is adorable, can’t wait to see yours. Happy knitting!

  6. Lovely CPH. Its a great wearable knit! It suits Lily beautifully

    Owls is a great knit too and IS super fast. I’ve just about finished it, less than a week and thats with ripping right back and redoing it!! Its a pity Im almost done otherwise we could have had a owl-a-long!!

  7. This is lovely ! Lily is very lucky !

  8. Lovely jumper, lovely colour! I’ve been checking out that owls sweater too :)

  9. i have enough yarn stashed to make myself a CPH, but now that Laurel saw Lily’s, i forsee a teeny CPH on my needles sooner than later.
    beautiful knit, a!!

  10. The CPH turned out really well. The colorway suits Lily.
    I agree that the Olivia has a lot of opportunity for wear. It’s gorgeous!

  11. another fabulous knit…and I love this muted teal,tweedy,scratchy wool you have chosen :)…..

  12. yay! Well done on getting it finished! It looks great and will be an excellent riding jacket.

  13. Lily’s CPH looks wonderful. I found mine to be a bit short and should have knitted it longer, although my sister was just the perfect size for it so I gave it away. I really should knit another one. The color is gorgeous on yours. I dont think I could wear those yarns that are scratchy either, or does the yarn you use soften after washing.
    I have seen a few new pics of the Rowan mag and they look gorgeous and very pretty too. I havent bought the last few mags of Rowan but I will definately keep an eye out for this one. Cant wait to see how many new projects you cast on for too.

  14. Winderfully done and the pictures are always delightful Amanda!

  15. It’s beautiful and looks like it fits Lily perfectly.

  16. What can I say, the sweater looks great on Lily, and I love the colour. As for the owls, its going to be my next project as well!

  17. That hoodie looks fantastic on Lily! What a fantastic knit.

  18. It looks great on her!
    And the color is beautiful.

  19. The sweater is lovely! Lily looks great sporting it. I had never seen the “owlie” before. I love it!

  20. 20 iknitipurl

    The CPH is great, I absolutely love the color. And I love your choice of Olivia, I really like the garter stitch bands. The Owls pattern is great too! I have it queued up since owls are one of my faves. Just have to find the “right” yarn!

  21. The CPH looks great on Lily!
    I adore that owly sweater. I can’t wait to see your version.

  22. hi lily! you look fabulous in your new sweater. your mother is quite good to you. :)

    i ADORE olivia!!!
    i wonder if i will be able to sleep tonight thinking about it!!!

  23. Love your Central Park Hoodie – great colour. I can’t wait to see how you do with your Alafoss Lopi project – seemed like no one was using it any more, and now a real revival in popularity. I’ve had about 10 skeins in my stash for about 6 years which may end up becoming an Owl, too!
    Happy knitting!

  24. Love this version of a real classic. Olivia looks gorgeous and you know I share the owl love

  25. Beautiful, the sweater and Lily and Lily in the sweater. Isn’t the owl sweater so cute? It’s in my queue, but then so is everything else.

  26. It’s absolutely beautiful on her. Makes me want to knit another one!

  27. another gorgeous knit for lucky lily!

  28. Ooooh lovely! Scratchy or not, I think it’s just devine.

  29. The sweater looks adorable on Lily. I’m sure she’ll get a lot of use out of it.

    I would definitely wear something underneath it, as it has more of a jacket feel to it so the yarn should be fine.

  30. This Central Park Hoodie turned out beautiful! Well done!!

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