I want it to be Autumn now.  I really do.  I’m done with these rogue hot days that make dressing for the weather impossible.  I want mittens and scarves, and darkening nights.  I want pumpkins and orange.  Loads of coppery, burnished orange.  And thicker yarn.  Give me some DK at least.  I say ‘down with the 4-ply cotton’!  I want cosy!!!!!!!

I’m not the only one feeling like this – am I?

These  hydrangeas make me feel cosy.  I love their colour, which is changing daily.  See how forgiving they are too, remaining pretty whilst they’re drying out – even if you don’t change their cloudy water often enough!

Lily says thank you to everyone for the nice comments about her socks.  There’ll be more where they came from.  And I’d like to say thank you too. Thank you to everyone who visits, comments and comes back for more!  My readership is slowly increasing, and I’m loving the contact with more knitters.  Lily and I are deprived of real life contact with knitters so do stick around.  You never know – there may even be knitting again soon!

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19 Responses to “Autumn”

  1. 1 jasmine

    your lovely photos, knitting and writing are enough to keep me coming back for more!

  2. Beautiful photograph! And I agree – roll on the cosies!

  3. I feel exactly the same about Fall and I am very happy that it is getting cooler here, in Montreal.

  4. i’m a true summer lover (one more day, please,please,please), but you make fall sound very enticing.

  5. We are of like mind! Beautiful flowers.

  6. Oh no….. roll on spring. Its been a long cold winter and I am enjoying the sunshine and the warm wind. But I know by the end of summer I will be looking forward to being cozy by the fire and knitting something with thick wool. Its really funny reading blogs from the other side of the world having completely opposite seasons!

  7. Beautiful flowers – the colours are just gorgeous. Have fun with the autumn knitting!

  8. I’ve been feeling like this for days now! Our mornings are cooling down, only about 70 and last week we got temps only up to mid 80’s which is actually cool for us. This week though it’s still low 90’s by the late afternoon, too hot for me at this time of year. Love your flowers!

  9. gorgeous photography for sure! i’m all for cozy yarn too! and i’ve said it a million times today , ( well not a million but almost :0) ) bring on autumn!!

  10. the hydrangea photo is stunning – I don’t know if I have ever seen them in that shade. beautiful~

  11. The hydrangeas are so pretty. Love the color. Happy knitting!

  12. Autumn is my favorite time of year! The weather suddenly shifted here and has made me so happy. I love your hydrangeas – we only get blues and purples.

  13. bring on the cold weather!!!
    yes. yes. yes!

  14. oh!
    and as long as you are here. i will be coming back for more! :)

  15. Seriously, I can’t get enough of you two, your knitting and photos. It’s like visiting friends across the street!

  16. Beautiful picture! I have the blue hydrangeas and I love them, too. I also like being in touch this way, it’s a special kind of friendship, isn’t it?

  17. I’m so pleased I stumbled across your blog, it’s an inspiration. Love the hydrangea pic, beautiful colours. Autumn is my favourite season too, must be cos I’m an October baby! I hope you don’t mind but I’ve added you to my blog list.

  18. I enjoyed the last flourishes of sun which happily coincided with my holiday as it’s been so lacking this year but I’m definitely excited for autumn – got my snuggly cardis out this week – love your hydrangea photo – looks wonderful.

    Well done Lily on those great socks, how nice that she made them for you.

    Thanks for sharing your randomn facts, interesting shiny car habit you have! Thank you also for tagging me I shall put my thinking cap on and write some up soon I promise.

  19. Beautiful picture. Aah I love Autumn.

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