First socks


Yes they’re off the needles at last!  Lily started these back in May whilst we were in Florida.  The 1st sock was completed before we flew home, but I think she caught a mild dose of 2nd sock syndrome! 

These are actually going to be mine, although that’s Lily’s feet modelling them, hence the bagginess at the ankle.  They are seriously comfortable socks.  The yarn is just so soft, although I don’t imagine it’ll wear as well as wool. 

I think she is slightly dismayed that the yarn dared to pool on the second sock, but it hasn’t put her off knitting more.  Monkey next, she informs me!

Pattern:  No pattern as such.  She just did as I told her to for a 64 stitch plain sock.

Yarn: Panda Silk. 2 skeins.

Needles 2.5mm.

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17 Responses to “First socks”

  1. That’s a great picture, the one on the bed with the pillow and teddy bear… Lily is a natural sock model. Monkey socks next, impressive. I haven’t tried them yet.

  2. payback time!!!! how great for you that she is now knitting for you….

  3. What a great job she did! I love hand knit socks too. I agree – they are so comfortable.

  4. 4 Sherral

    Confession: I think veragated yarns are beautiful in the hank, but usually very ugly knitted up. Not so with these! They are beautiful, and I even kinda like how it pooled. Panda Silk you say? I’m gonna have to check it out. Oh, and great job Lily! You’re awesome!

  5. what lovely socks! I like the pooling, it looks really cool!

  6. Lovely socks! IMHO there’s nothing quite as decadent feeling as handknit socks.

  7. 7 saffity

    Congrats to Lily!! And I personally love pooling socks (and was horribly disappointed when my first Socks That Rock socks didn’t). I think those socks are gorgeous and SO much better than my first ones!

  8. great socks!! i really need to try to make some!

  9. Wow! They are lovely. Hmmm your pattern/guidance you say… funny that they don’t fit Lily…

    Monkey. I am even more impressed. I think Lily is going to take the knitting world by storm!

  10. 10 Tina J.

    Very nice job and really beautiful job for the first socks! Congratulations!!

    Tina J.

  11. Well done Lily! They look great! I look forward to seeing your next project.

    – Anna x

  12. lily!!! those are fantastic!!!

  13. Lily did such a fantastic job on these! Even more impressive since they were her first pair!

  14. Love the color of these, and lucky you get to keep them. Well done Lily. When you say ‘monkey’ do you mean socks;-)
    I just referenced my monkey socks today, made a dress in the left over yarn!
    Happy weekend!

  15. Well done Lily! I adore that colour too. I wish my daughter would knit then we could share it.

  16. Great socks! Well done! And have fun with monkey, they are in my queue too.

  17. Great job Lily! I’m so impressed! And jealous of your mom, I never got my girls to even try to knit. You two are very lucky to share that.

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