Knitting-wise, it’s been a struggle this week.  For the first time since I became knitting, I’ve been unable to motivate myself to actually do any.  I should have known something was up when I only bought 1 skein of yarn at iKnit day.  To be honest,  I think I’ve been suffering from over-stimulation.  I’ve been spending such a lot of time on Ravelry and queueing so many things that I’ve found it virtually impossible to decide on a project.  Too much choice is not always a good thing.  I’ve also been buying yarn willy-nilly over the past month that I’ve done nothing with, so I’ve been feeling a general lack of focus.  

Until……KNITTY FALL 08!!!!!!!

Thank goodness for Knitty!  I love so much in this issue, but Waves of Grain just screamed KNIT ME.  I’ve picked a nice soothing yarn too – Knitwitches Silk laceweight in a calm silvery-lilac shade.  I feel better.  Lots better.  Knitting makes sense again.  Thank you Romi.

20 Responses to “Focus”

  1. THAT yarn is absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see more.
    So happy to hear that you got your knit groove back! :)

  2. I saw that waves of grain on your ‘friends activity’ on Ravelry and 1. added it to my faves and 2. then realized the new Knitty was up so immediately went over to take a look.
    I know what you mean though about feeling overwhelmed sometimes – heck I feel like that ALL of the time. I’m working on a Fuzzy Mitten right now, no it’s not a mitten, it’s a bunny (check them out on Ravelry) ;-)

  3. I haven’t looked at Knitty yet, but I am heading there next.

    I too can’t decide what to knit

  4. That yarn is beauiful. A great scarf pattern with fabulous yarn – works every time!

  5. What pretty yarn you’ve chosen! I added that Camden sweater from the new Knitty, but it looks so hard… So before I consider that I think I might try My Very First Pair of SOCKS!

  6. I love the yarn, and in that pattern, it is just beautiful! That is so annoying when there are too many really good choices, I’m glad you found a project to make.

  7. I felt exactly the same a few weeks ago , two many favourites and no particular desire to knit . But it came back ! But I try to go less on Ravelry .
    The yarn you’re using is so beautiful , it’s a great project , I’m looking forward to seeing it finished .

  8. Wow, great choice! The yarn is stunning, and so is the pattern! I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

    I completely agree with you about over-stimulation, and I definitely agree about the potential Ravelry has to suck away both time and attention from actual knitting! Glad you got your mojo back so quickly!

  9. i know what you mean. one year ago, i didn’t knit at all. now i’m lost in knit world, a great place, but it’s a little much. i did read on the lace knitters group that lace knitting is good for your mental health, and that sure is a soothing color, so maybe a little hair of the dog will do the trick.

  10. I always love Knitty, and that is beautiful! Beautiful pattern and beautiful yarn and beautiful pictures. You’ve got your mojo back.

  11. PS, I tagged ‘ya for a meme!

  12. 12 sherral

    I liked waves of grain too. I’m excited to see it in lilac!

  13. I hear YOU!

    I have self imposed breaks from Rav – it has a way of sucking you in to the point you can be completely unproductive…..

    What a relief when you find at least one project to get you back on track.

  14. Oh it looks so pretty. I think when I am better I might trying knitting one for a present for Christmas. Glad it brought back your motivation. I tend to suffer from too many projects and then cant decide what to knit and end up knitting nothing at all. I am glad when it returns though.

  15. I sometimes feel like that too. I’m glad you found something that inspired you, and it is coming along beautifully!

  16. Oh I wish I’d ‘ve known you were going to i-knit I would’ve said hello.
    Love the yarn its gorgoeus. I like 2 of the jackets in this Knitty.

  17. Phew – glad Knitty came to the rescue. I love seeing what catches peoples eyes from each issue- the hourglass socks were what made my heart go boom but too much else in line first!

  18. That is beautiful yarn! So glad you are back to feeling good about knitting so that we can see more of the pretty project!

  19. Beautiful wool…and that pattern is gorgeous. May have to give it a go (my first attempt at lace was disastrous though !….)

  20. When I saw those photos (particularly the one of the yarn, but only because that was first), I literally whimpered and scratched at the screen. *goes off to investigate the yarn* :D

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