iKnit day


Now here’s a lady who needs no introduction!  You can see why she’s smiling right?  Just look at all the supplies she has to keep her going!  Crisps, water, coffee, BEER!!!!   I can’t begrudge her it though.  Her comic timing is fantastic, but her talk was informative as well as hilarious.

What a fantastic day Lily and I had at iKnit.  This time we were sooooo good.  1 skein of Malabrigo sock was all the yarn we bought.  We just sat back and watched Anna bash her cheque book.  Hope you’re giving it a rest today girl!

Another highlight of the day was a fashion show featuring designs from ‘A stitch in Time’, which is about to be re-published, and will be available from Knit on the Net.

This was my absolute favourite.  Just look at those sleeves

And lily loves it too!  So even if my upper arms aren’t up to this sort of exposure I have an excuse to knit it!   Lots more photographs from the show on my Flickr page.

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17 Responses to “iKnit day”

  1. Me and my chequebook are sitting quietly in a darkened room with our feet up, thank you very much!

  2. Oh you lucky girls you – what a fab time you must have had. One of these days I’m gonna get The Yarn Harlot books and have a fun read. I love the sleeves in that sweater, can’t wait to see you knit it for Lily ;-)

  3. Fabulous photo of you and Stephanie! Looks like a fabulous day. Those sleeves….wow

  4. mmmm…jealous. but i do have sheep and wool to look forward to. i’m saving up already. but you were restrained!

  5. What an incredible day! It looks like a great time, and I love the photo of you and the Harlot too.

  6. I’m blown away by your photos, looks like you’ve totally mastered your camera. It was lovely meeting you both, please say hi to Lily for me and I hope you’re still enjoying the memories!

  7. Gosh, I wish I was across the Atlantic having so much fun!

    P.S. You look gorgeous! The reds are too!

  8. 8 sherral

    I hope my little girl likes to do things like that with me when she’s older. You and Lily seem to have a lot of fun together. Lucky you!

  9. Oh. Oh. Oh. I’m so jealous! What an fun day and fantastic picture of you with the Yarn Harlot :)

  10. OOh lucky you getting to meet her. The sweater is so cute. I can see your daughter wearing that one.

  11. what fun!!!!
    i LOVE that lily wants to do this with you!!!

  12. Now that looks like a fabulous day!

  13. How fun! Lovely lovely photos!

  14. It was fab wasn’t it and one skein of Malabrigo sock was all I came home with too!

  15. oh how fun! that sweater is beautiful! i just fouind your blog and love it! your knitting and photographs are gorgeous! i shall return.

  16. It was lovely to meet you both on Saturday, and glad to see you got the camera working!

  17. That sweater was the one that caught my eye too…and your pics of it are stunning.

    I am going to make it my job to make more online friends this year so that when IKnit 2009 comes around I will be able to say hello IRL! I hope you don’t mind if I pop back here every so often…now that I’ve found you’re blog I don’t want to miss out!

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