Say hello….


… our new family member.

This is Aran Sweet Mover.  A long 4 months since Minder moved on we finally have a replacement!  Lily first tried this pony back in July but we knew he wouldn’t be available until now.   We’ve had to wait 10 days for results of veterinary checks and x-rays but the results today were all good, and we’ll be picking him up on Monday.  A huge relief because I was absolutely dreading the prospect of starting the search all over again.  I still can’t quite believe we’ve bought another grey pony though.  I swore we wouldn’t do it again as it is such hard work getting them snow white on show day, but it was just love at first sight for Lily.

Oh and we loved the hint of ‘knittiness’ in his name!

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14 Responses to “Say hello….”

  1. He is so beautiful. I can see why your daughter fell in love with him, and I love his name too!

  2. Oh he’s lovely!!! I would so get a gray pony if I was a little girl choosing a horse!

  3. Oh he is gorgeous, and obviously he was meant for Lily with the knitting in his name. Must be a good omen.

  4. 4 sherral


  5. Oh I thought you had chosen that name, but the name chose you, LOL

    Your daughter looks so good on a horse.

  6. You got a pony! I always wanted a pony when I was little. Lily is such a lucky little girl. And Aran Sweet Mover is beautiful!

  7. gorgeous!
    and yes. his name is fantastic! :)

  8. He’s lovely! Do you keep him in your own yard/stable? Or at some other place – or have I asked you that before about Minder?

  9. beautiful. lily is very lucky, and good luck to them both in the shows!

  10. Oh my, I can see why Lily fell for him, he’s absolutely beautiful!

    I had such a fabulous time at Iknit today with you and Lily, it was great to see you both again. And dinner with the boys was fun too!

  11. What a beauty! Clever choice for a name :)

  12. He is spotless and handsome! Lilly is a lucky girl.

  13. Congrats on the new horse – very handsome indeed. I’m thinking that Lily must be over the moon :)

  14. Congratulations! He does seem made for your family! :)

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